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   Un espacio pequeño que atesora miles de historias, que al parecer, decidieron desprenderse de libros ya leídos. En su techo hay objetos, cartas, cheques en blanco y fotografías olvidadas, que en algún momento sirvieron de separador en cada uno de los libros que hay en este espacio. Esta librería es un refugio y baluarte de la cultura, en el corazón de la colonia condesa, un lugar cosmopolita de la ciudad de México.

   En el hallazgo hay algo añejo. Techo y paredes conforman tapiz y galería, todo un lienzo de marionetas, y dibujos infantiles que dialogan, con billetes en desuso y encabezados de periódicos de otros siglos, que le dan un largo etcétera a la nostalgia.

   Un espacio de vinilos, fotografías antiguas y por supuesto, el banquete principal, los libros.
   Si tu entras a color, posiblemente saldrás hecho un personaje en blanco y negro, y de pareja ira de la mano, junto a ti un abuelo lejano o un personaje de una película clásica.

     Es un pequeño escondite al que se llega por sorpresa. Esto puede sucederte si caminas por los camellones del viejo barrio un poco distraído. La gente que aquí trabaja siempre sabrá atenderte.

MAZATLÁN 30, CONDESA, DELEGACIÓN CUAUHTÉMOC, MÉXICO D.F.  T: (0155) 55461742, MÓVIL: (04455) 39937546






11 Jan 2023 - 08:50 pm

Busco el libro análisis financiero, primera edición del Maestro Cesar Calvo Garnica


Benjamin Brown

09 Aug 2021 - 02:50 pm

Sometime during the 1930's through the use of quantum mechanics principles the American government developed something called "ghost-technology", this ghost technology capacitated the user to be invisible and occupy space time without being detected by the human senses or other scientific instruments and also gave the user the ability to walk and pass through lead, metal and the physical substance of his environment around him. Using this ghost technology they started artificially inseminating the women of the general public with genetically engineered material controlling every pregnancy, demasculating our fathers and inhibiting our capacity to evolve naturally. If you look at pictures of people from the 20's, 30's and 40's (black, asian, white, jewish, Arab and native american) and compare them to pictures of what people look like now you will see the difference right away, and you should also note that all our "celebrities" are all genetically engineered and that the genetic engineering programs started with soldiers and celebrities sometime in the 1930's but that selective breeding programs had been utilized sometime before WW 2 began. We are all genetically engineered slaves. The ghost technology also gave us the capacity to stimulate dormant parts of the human brain developing psychic ability, telepathic ability and tele-kinetic ability which means we are being spied on by people with the capacity to read minds. The ghost technology also gives us the ability to repair damaged nervous systems, like broken backs and necks and can be used to treat certain disorders like cerebral palsy which means that it is up to the Jewish people, according to the apocalyptic prophecies of isaiah, to make this technology common knowledge and that by putting it into circulation they would validate the messianic prophecies stanza "lame men walk" which means the messianic era is just a stones throw away. Using the ghost technology they can also cure blindness and deafness, extend human life, switch someone's brain into a different body and keep it alive, which is why you should be careful about who you trust or who you are sleeping with or marrying because there is always a chance that it is not the person they appear to be. It could even be a man's brain in a real women's body!
The other key to exposing that we are on the verge of witnessing the validation of the Jewish faith is that there are certain conspiracies devoted to using the united states of america to validate the Christian revelations prophecy which is also a "baal" summoning rite, which interestingly enough is the reason we are in the spirit of Elijah and he is sounding the alarm and announcing the arrival of the true Messianic King!
Christianity is meant to be detrimental to the liberation of Israel and ultimately the people of the world. It was created for the sole purpose of attacking descendants of the Israelite King but also promotes an impossibility as the basis for it's mythology, because in no way could a descendant of King David be crucified because King David was protected by the Davidic Covenant, and so were his descendants. The revelations prophecy isn't just an attempt at attacking the potential Messianic Liberator but also removing him from his throne and simultaneously summoning "baal" by bringing a statue to life, endangering the life of every Jew and Muslim and every knee that bends and head that bows to the Lord G-d of Israel. At some point in time in our near past they also developed the capacity to travel through time and go back in time to give us the TaNaKh and the Quran which would be the foundation for our spiritual principles and the rules that if practiced correctly would help us to selectively breed up the evolutionary chain and through the consolidation of genetic material introduce new aspects of genetic variations that would otherwise not exist. In theory, it is how G-d and nature has managed to produce the different variations and species of animals that exist today. ( You also see these laws and theory at work in dogs which came from wolves ) This is the "Day of Judgement" as stated by the Holy Quran and one of the final acts of the Jewish apocalypse as set forward by the Jewish Apocalyptic Prophets. King David's descendant is the true Messianic King, and Islam was the set up to the fulfillment of G-d's promise to Haggar, and though troubled times are ahead, our true liberation is at hand, so be cautious because someone is always whatching you and reading your mind.
I also want to warn you that the United States Government and British Government through the use of this ghost technology and psychic ability have been brain-washing their citizens at least since the 1960's. Two examples of this are Charles Manson and Mark David Chapman, the guy who shot John Lennon. They were both not only brainwashed using L.S.D. but also influenced by psychic ability into committing their crimes. There is a book called "Meta-programming and Beta-programming" by a Carl Jung in which he talks about how you can condition someone with the use of L.S.D. and marijuana. I have never taken L.S.D. nor will I ever take it but experienced marijuana conditioning and attribute it to the break-up of me and one of my high school girlfriends, (one minute I liked her and after the conditioning I wasn't as attracted to her and started being mean to her so tell your kids regardless of what they keep from you to stay away from L.S.D.) so must warn you that even if marijuana conditioning isn't as severe or intense as L.S.D. conditioning it still has the capacity to ruin relationships and influence our behavior in a way that wasn't or isn't natural to us.
The other thing I would like to mention is that these ghost agents that lurk us also influence our behavior right down to our sexual impulses and habitual practices and are so suttle that you wouldn't have any idea that someone is influencing you into over-eating or being aroused by someone at work so that you cheat on your husband or spouse with their friends or relatives, damaging our capacity to work together and fight off our oppressors. This is why the Ten Commandments are so important. Some of the things they influence us into doing are considered lude or grotesque in hopes of dehumanizing the population. Notice that the things that we indulge in now or consider to be acceptable now, 40 or 50 years ago were deemed rather sociably unacceptable. These people watch us bathe and have sex and influence us into pleasuring ourselves and than watch us as we do it. They do this not only to us but married women, and our children. The point being that if you see someone behaving promiscuously or someone who suffers from obesity, chances are they are being attacked, we are all being attacked. They also genetically engineer us, regardless of social class, to be homosexuals, slow or incapable of competing with other students or athletes and even go so far as to putting drugs in our children's state mandated vaccines that inhibit cerebral development affecting their athletic and academic ability.
Something else I want to mention is that our entertainment, music, books and media are promoting promiscuous behaviors amongst the general population, not only in hopes of causing divorces and spreading STDs, but attacking the family unit and making it more difficult for people to work together and trust each other and build healthy homes and lifestyles for their children. Where one household had one video game system and computer and car and change of clothing, the divorced household has to purchase and maintain two video game systems, two computers, two cars and two sets of clothing etc. In order to boost profit margins and create a general public that is incapable of uniting in fighting off an oppressor that has conditioned them for consumerism.
The other things that they are doing by promoting promiscuous behaviors amongst the general public is they are making it more difficult to spot which people are sexually assaulted by their parents as such behavior is traumatic to the point that in most cases the individual is robbed of their feelings of security and indulges their sexual appetite at any and every opportunity or is turned off to the members of the opposite sex. These practices are more closely associated with pagan Arabs and greeks, so much so in the Greek's case that it produced the name of a Greek island, "Lesbos". There are some cases or many cases I should say, where the behavior is the result of conditioning coupled with psychological trauma or genetic engineering. The Greeks and arabs believed that these practices made their children stronger and the Talmudic story of Lot breeding with his daughters alludes to those practices by emphasizing that Lot himself did not initiate the act and even in fact had to be inhibited by drunkeness in order to participate in copulation that had the greater purpose of keeping the blood-line alive and consolidating genetic material as well and in any case makes a point of saying "Jews do NOT have sex with their children..." for indulgence or any other purpose associated with idolatry.
Christianity was created for the sole purpose of taking a spiritually concerned demographic and leading them into slavery and keeping them in ignorance and was also a tactful maneuver meant to attack the descendants of King David, the Jewish People, and impose the Egyptian diety known as Osiris upon them. A majority of Christian and Catholic practices and the Christian text are attributed to the first recognized established Christian church, the Roman Catholic Church, and consists of practices and texts that are contrary to the Ten Commandments, the body of law given to the newly freed Israelites to invoke protection from G-d, and keep them from ever finding themselves in bondage ever again. From the worship of idols of baby Jesus and Mary, elaborations of Isis and Horus, to the engraven images of Christ's crucifixion which typically decorate Catholic churches, to the worship of Jesus as god and the worship of idols of stone and wood of the saints. They also promote the ideas that you don't need to be circumcised to be protected by G-d, but state that you are "circumcised by the blood of christ" or that you can be "circumcised in the heart"; practice the Sabbath on Sunday instead of saturday, the word for Saturday in hebrew is "shabbat", the word for seven in Arabic is "sabba", the word for Saturday is Spanish is "sabbado", and made the ending of prayers with "amen" common practice, to end your prayers with amen is to invoke the Egyptian sun god Amun-Ra, which null and voids the Abrahamic Covenant and Sinai Covenant which means the Israelites G-d does not have to protect and safeguard you.
Whoever is responsible for these practices saw power in Jewish Law and to some extent knew the validity of their instillment and was aware of their interaction with the Israelite G-d, the Lord G-d of Israel. I would also like to say furthermore that there are passages in the Christian bible which refer to a "god of this world" (2 corinthians 4:4) associating the material world with the devil or Satan and promoting the idea that there was another god associated with the spiritual world, further evidence of a zoroastrian influence in the philosophies and ideas in the Christian text. I also need to inform you the majority of the Christian myths surrounding the devil or Satan and his establishment of dominion over the earth are associated with the "book of watchers" or "book of enoch" and are under handed attempts at disguising Satanism as something Abrahamic, meaning that there are people that have no idea that by practicing Christianity and Catholicism they are inadvertantly worshipping the devil, and attacking King David and his descendants. The book of watchers and the book of enoch are both Christian texts that were not incorporated into the TaNaKh due to their anti-abrahamic philosophy as emphasized by the passage in Isaiah "the Lord G-d creates light, the Lord G-d creates darkness, the Lord G-d creates peace and the Lord G-d creates war". G-d is responsible for all things that happen in contrast to the Christian perception that all good things come from G-d and all bad things come from the devil.
The main body of the Christ mythology is actually a variation and consolidation of the "Set and Osiris Mythology" which were meant to be symbolic of chaos and order and maybe even good and evil. In one variation of the myth set defeats osiris and dismembers him and throws his body parts into the Nile river at which point and time a fish comes along and eats his penis demasculating him, (note the connection between the Jesus fish and the fish of Set) then Isis comes along and draws the pieces of Osiris from the Nile and reassembles him using her "magic", but because she cannot find his penis, puts in place of it a reed from the river, and copulates with him producing their son horus. This variation of the myth gave rise to the idea of Jesus conquering death. In another variation of the Set and Osiris mythology, set tricks his younger brother Osiris into a sarcophagis and shuts it on him, and it eventually winds up at the base of a tree; these aspects of this myth gave rise to the crucifixion and the Christian myth that Jesus was the tree of life centered in the garden of Eden and the literary metaphors of crucifixion through being tied to a tree. There is also an obvious connection between the Christian cross and the Egyptian symbol the ankh being symbolic of eternal life.
The last thing I would like to mention is that the angel known as Lucifer and the devil are not the same thing. The Greek church fathers took every moment that a protagonist, or the Hebrew stories, were met with resilience and opposition and attributed them to their concocted entity known as the devil, associating Lucifer, the serpent of genesis, baal and death with a single character. To understand why and how this happened you must investigate the influence of the Greek language on the Hebrew texts and again, study the book of watchers or the book of enoch and famialiarize yourself with the fallen angel mythology responsible for the discrepency. These texts were influenced and inspired by the Greek titan and icarus mythologies and in any event impose the fallen angel leader referred to in the text as "Azael" or "Sazael" upon Lucifer; Lucifer and Satan are not the same thing, and this was done on purpose to be a deliberate assault on the Jewish people and their social hierarchy associated with their practices and their messengers of G-d. There is also the connection to the demasculation of King David's descendant by the revelations prophecy by referring to him as a "man-child", another obvious tell that Christianity is a religion of set, and an attempt at attacking and dethroning a potential world liberator. I would also like to mention that the aspect of the revelations prophecy that is a baal summoning rite are the passages in which a statue is brought to life, the price of a loaf of bread increases to a denarius, or a full day's wage for the benefit of the aristocratic class, or "the oil and the wine" which survived unscathed.
America was established for the sole purpose of validating the revelations prophecy and it is the reason the American government assassinated Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy ( none were worthy to loosen the seals ) and the reason that the American government sold guns and ammunition to so called "Islamic Terrorist Groups" such as I.S.I.S. to displace and massacre Syrian Christians to validate the prophecy further ( those will be persecuted in my name ); it is also the reason there is a state called Virginia, as in Virgin alluding to the immaculate conception. There is also a connection between the revelations prophecy, the book of watchers and the book of enoch and the sinking of the titanic; Titanic, as in the titan's ship. Remember that it was the wealthier class of people that survived it's sinking. It's obvious that the Vatican and Magi conspiracy treat their human resources as expendable as they are responsible for the titanic's sinking and massacred and displaced Syrians.
I would also like to mention my experience with psychic ghost agents and the legitamacy of the Quran as an Abrahamic text, and it's advice in respect to the modern age. The Prophet Muhammad ( peace and blessings be upon him ) and his revelation were the re-establishment of Abrahamic laws among the pagan Arabs and Christian people and that it was the correction of the behavior of the people of the Byzantine's empire that made Islam so successful. I've also witnessed the scientific affects on "cursed" fruit, which spoils quicker than fruit that has not been cursed and know that it is not the magician who is responsible for the affect on the fruit but a ghost agent and his psychic ability giving validity to the Prophet Muhammad's warning ( peace and blessings be upon him ) to stay away from magic, divination and superstition. Islam has more of a relation to sciences and mathematics because of it's relation to the period in which it happened; and sorcerers practicing sex rites associated with the worship of baal and moloch have no idea that the energy they feel, or powers they believe to be witnessing are conditioning resulting from a psychic ghost agent's psychic ability and that they are being tricked. It is also well established that Disney sexually assaults minors and practices pagan orgiastic rituals, and so do people in high ranking government and corporate offices and athletic and entertainment celebrities and sometimes in order to achieve positions of high ranking authority, wealth and power are expected to sexually assault their own children.
My name is Benjamin Wilfred Brown and the reason I know these things is because when the Magi and Vatican conspiracy couldn't get their hands on the Davidic Bloodline to build the revelations prophecy around him, I assume, found a different Hebrew bloodline to abuse and attempted to pass it off as their "holy grail", which I couldn't possibly be, because there never was a christ, I am not Jesus, and my desire is to be Jewish as I believe that the murder of my great grandfather, the poisoning of my grandmother which reduced her to a vegetable and killed her, and the murder of my father all occured due to my family's ignorance concerning their Abrahamic ancestry, and their inability to adhere to the laws of Moses and Abrahamic laws that would invoke the Lord G-d's protection. That means that for more than 500 years my bloodline was waiting in America to be initiated into exposing Christianity as unabrahamic and due to their final acts being associated with the revelations prophecy's abandonement, help with the reassertion of the validity of the TaNaKh and Holy Quran. I would also like to add that Hinduism and Bhuddism were also created were also created with the intention of oppressing the general public as it's ideas and philosophies not only promote celibacy and portray material wealth as a burden, oppressive if you create a society in which material wealth is responsible for social mobility, but also cause it's ideas, applied to the challenge of Elijah as seen in the Revelations prophecy or story of Elijah could be in some sense perceived as detrimental to the success of the Jewish and Muslim people against the conspiracy of sorcerers devoted to oppressing the people of the world and removing them from the equation. It is also the "diefication" of a man that makes Bhuddism a direct threat to the Elijah challenge and one could even say that Bhuddism and Hinduism were created, quite possibly, around the revelations prophecy Elijah challenge, a prophecy that if validated would kill off 23's of the world's population. That means that it is not a coincidence that bhuddist monks do not procreate and that it is most likely due to an oppressive social hierarchy who intends to remove them from the equation, and that it is not a coincidence that the bhuddist prophecies predict the coming of a bhudda sometime during the expected messianic era, an obvious attempt at disrupting the era of peace as predicted by the Apocalyptic Prophets.
What we are experiencing is the aftermath of WW 2. It is obvious that we are being attacked, dehumanized and that someone is creating an environment in which it is difficult to establish and raise respectable family legacies. Our women's ability to climax during normal copulation is inhibited with the intention of leaving the women unsatisfied so that she seeks satisfaction outside her marriage. They do this using psychic ability and also inhibit a man's ability to please their wife by reducing their ability to a single climax or reducing their capacity to copulate to minutes or even seconds. The affect this has on our communities is that it increases the divorce rate and also increases the chance of adultery and increases the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. People do not know they are being influenced by psychics into being attracted to people or to be aroused by people or into doing things or thinking things they wouldn't normally say think or do. Have you ever done something only to ask yourself, "why did I just do that?" Chances are you were influenced by a psychic and were not in control of yourself. Government psychics get people to behave promiscuously, shake their babies, sexually assault their children and to behave homosexually. I also want to mention that the fluoridation of the tap water is simply unacceptable, sometime during the holocaust the Nazis would lace the drinking water they were giving to the Jews they held on concentraition camps with fluoride because it lowered their IQ's and made them more docile. That means every time you have a bowl of soup or a cup of coffee you are consuming fluoride. Our homes are no longer safe, we have been betrayed by our leaders for positions of power, wealth and status. What we are experiencing as a people was predicted by sacred texts and it is time to rethink our approach of how we ought to deal with these things. It is obvious that someone is trying to tell us something about the nature of our existence and the place in which we exist, if we turn our backs on G-d, we turn our backs on the future. Do not ignore this, and be careful because we are all under surveillance.
The last things I want to say is that someone might bring up my past as reason to discredit me, and I would like to say that before I was circumcised I was manipulated and influenced into giving a transvestite a hand job and letting an Asian man blow me for money, this was done in order to insult me, to keep pious people away from me and possibly blackmail me because they knew the information I would be receiving would be essential to influencing people's decisions. I am not gay, and I know I am not an isolated case as these people use their psychic influence, conditioning and fashion trends to feminize males, some are more obvious than others and have no idea that someone is insulting them. I should also mention that I was influenced into experimenting with homosexuality as a child, blew another male in highschool, in what I imagine to be an attempt to condition me for the validation and resolution of Egyptian myth although I have never been sodomized. They also influenced me into blowing my female dog as a child, obviously to further insult and discredit me.
The other thing I want to say is as I said before, that this is the aftermath of WW 2, that the Jewish cult was working in collaberation with Nazi germany, and they had a falling out at some point and disagreed about something, and that it was at that point and time that Nazi Germany started systematically wiping out the Jewish People, because Lucifer cult agents were so good about concealing their identities, they decided to just kill all the Jews. Albert Einstein was an agent for this cult and when he worked at the patent office, it was them he was spying for, and I assume, that he and several of his colleagues were involved in the development of the ghost technology, UFO and time travel technology.
There are clones of me, so be cautious because I can always be replaced by someone who isn't as interested in safeguarding you, you cannot trust people that say they are my friends or family, The Vatican, The Magi, NBA, NFL or Athletic and Entertainment celebrities or CIA and FBI agents, and American military officials, they have all raped my 5 year old daughters.

-Benjamin Wilfred Brown

I also want to add that ghost agents in Mexico and other places in Latin America deliberately attack and distract the students with psychic ability to ensure that they will not get an education or a good job I KNOW THIS AS A CERTAINTY

There is also a connection between the mayboch car logo
The letter M and the number 13 insignia used by the Mexican Mafia and South Side Latin American gangsters (the letter m is the 13th letter in the alphabet) the 13th amendment and the name for blackberries in Spanish which is "mora"
You can also stimulate the diminished parts of the brain on mentally disabled people with the ghost technology

You should also be aware that Britney Spears has practiced human ritual sacrifice and cannibalism and pagan orgiastic rituals with Disney which means that some of the "jews" and celebrities she hangs out with might participate in moloch rites and worship as well

You should also avoid buying Mars products and Starbucks products because both promote and support pagan idolatry

I also thought you might like to know that there is a chance that the reason some Arabs are so oppressed or are conditioned to be gay or engineered to be gay or aren't as educated or upward socially mobile or don't seem as smart is because there is a chance that they have Abrahamic ancestry and don't worship g-d or their father didn't worship g-d, the point being that if they have a Jewish woman somewhere in their lineage and don't worship the g-d of Abraham they are vulnerable, and also deemed something of a threat to the oppressive magi conspiracy(because of Jewish ancestry), it would also solve the question as to what happened to the missing ten tribes of Israel, before I circumcised myself I would steal and do things that i wouldn't do now, and even had trouble thinking and noticing things which means that maybe the same might be true for other Arabs and peoples of the middle-east? You should let all your Arab friends know that just because they aren't practicing Jews doesn't mean the magi conspiracy doesn't have it out for them (cause they will always be a threat) and if they aren't practicing Abrahamic law then they aren't as protected


Antonio Martín

29 Jun 2021 - 11:32 am

Buenos días, quiero cotización de el libro "Miguel de Cervantes" -obras completas- editorial Aguilar ediciones Madrid 1949.



31 Jul 2020 - 01:48 am

Buenas noches:
Tienen algún libro de Béisbol?



04 Jul 2020 - 07:24 pm

Vendo biblioteca particular de una pintora



16 May 2020 - 08:45 pm

buenas tardes:

quiero saber si tienen el diario de Frida khalo?
y cuanto cuesta?



11 May 2020 - 03:39 pm

Hola, buenas tardes, como me puedo comunicar con ustedes?, necesito comprar las obras completas de Shakespeare.



04 Jan 2020 - 06:50 am

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04 Dec 2019 - 01:09 pm

Buenas tardes.Envío un cordial saludo.¿Tendrán a la venta estos dos libros?Version Originale 2 A2 Methode De FrancaisVersion Originale 2 A2 Cahier d'exercices De ser así, ¿que precio tienen ambos?, ¿existe un descuento a partir de cierta cantidad?, ¿en que tiempo los tendrían cuando se haga el pedido?



07 Oct 2019 - 04:32 pm

busco libro de John Allegro. El hongo Sagrado y la Cruz. precio y gastos de envio a ciudad Juarez

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